At this website you are invited to share in my writing and its sources of inspiration. On a personal level, these involve inner as well as outer experiences. You are welcome to join in this  journey of self-discovery, through self, others and story, by viewing and supporting my work.

Hands-on with a traditional vegetarian meal at pilgrims’ hotel in South India.


I began my writing life penning short poems of self-reflection and inquiry. Then I discovered the magic of haibun – Basho’s melding of haiku and prose. Words started moving to the perimeters of the page. I looked outside my own window of experience, and the horizon winked. It was time to dust off my backpack and cross a few oceans; travel beyond my familiar, encounter life mirrored in the eyes of other cultures. It meant stepping into pasts still blessedly alive despite the mad rushing of time.

Immersion, one story at a time. Each meeting, no matter how strange or remote, holding truth at its heart. And here’s the paradox, either side of any horizon well pools of stories are waiting to be told.

Viewing the Black Madonna at her chapel in Rocamadour, Southern France.

The next page, About Me, provides details of my writing background and primary influences which include what I call ‘the three essential P’s’: people, places and philosophy.

May your visit here be informative and enjoyable.